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Founded by Dr Faizal Bin Rashid himself, Klinik Faizal dan Rakan – Rakan Sdn Bhd has been operating since February 1992 and in year of 2016 we celebrate our 24th anniversary.  Started with a humble general practice clinic, we now have two branches in Johor Bahru, each with its own focus and strategies.

Our headquarters, strategically located in Bandar Baru Uda is a productive 24 hour operating clinic. Serving and helping patients for more than 20 years.  Here in our main branch, we not only help treat patients with their illness but we also provide health screening services and medical X-Ray services. Being a one stop center for medical checkups, we have become a preferred choice among the neighboring citizens, corporate industrial companies and students entering universities.

Moreover, our headquarters focus on alternative treatments and aesthetics for patients who wish to improve their health without depending on medical drugs or going under surgery knife. We are Ozone Therapy practitioner and have helped not only local Malaysian but also patients from Batam, Indonesia and Singapore. Besides Ozone Therapy, we also provide other alternative treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to treat injuries and as beauty treatment.

In December 2015, we opened our new branch (relacotion of our old branch from Taman Perling) at Taman Dataran Larkin. Operation from 9.00 am - 9.00 pm, here we also offer out patient treatments, medical check-up and also X-ray services.

We believe that true wealth is health. We teach our patients how to improve their quality of health and lifestyle.

Klinik Faizal Dan Rakan – Rakan Sdn Bhd aims to be your No 1 healthcare provider.
Our Mission

Klinik Faizal Dan Rakan – Rakan Sdn Bhd is a team of dedicated, successful and positive people who are striving to be balanced, integrated and honest while providing premier healthcare services to our patients.

We work within our 10 point culture as efforts of making sure that every patient and customer will benefit greatly while we heal them from their illness. We will treat them holistically in promoting their physical, mental, spiritual and social health.

We will work in cooperation with our customers and with our competitors. Together everyone can achieve more. We are in the business of Healthcare, Services and Edutainment.

Our product and services will be of the highest quality, value for money and will always add the most value. It will use the latest, most cost effective and technology available.

We will actively educate ourselves, clients, partners while we heal them and create a fun learning environment. We will educate our client in self-healing and development.

Klinik Faizal Dan Rakan – Rakan Sdn Bhd will use the cooperative model to spread itself nationally and internationally we will empower our client and partners to grow with us.